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It’s Your Data – Restoring and Rewarding Personal Data Ownership

Our Mission

At BioSapient, we know that messy big data degrades advanced analytics. So we’ve harnessed the power of a 100% clean minimum dataset (MDS) and AI to precisely model your personal health profile.

Every day we are driven to empower individuals by:

  • Securely ingesting and analyzing their unique MDS, in order to more accurately reflect their current health & wellness, and future longevity

  • Restoring ownership of the vital health & wellness insights cached in their dynamic MDS, creating a valuable asset – the personal data Signature

  • Promoting opportunities with our global partnerships to monetize improvements of their valuable personal data Signature securely from a mobile device anywhere in the world. 

At BioSapient, we are dedicated to doing societal good by building and scaling trust in data democratization. 

Our shared company values and commitments are:

Restoring data ownership back to individuals, with greater personal control of related health benefits


Monetizing the increased value of improved personal data assets to individuals by paying them direct financial dividends


Insuring high trust military grade security of our data-analytics technology platform and global partnerships with blockchain encryption


Personal connectivity is the most powerful life force. Promoting individual self-interest in personal wellness enhances sapience to the health of all humans.


Featured Projects


Artificial Intelligence in Medical Practice: The Question to the Answer?

The interplay between AI augmenting human performance and being hyped for medical uses continues to play out, increasingly so in the healthcare domain...


The Big Health Data - Intelligent Machine Paradox.

The capacity of good datasets to fuel accurate AI analytics is enormous. But the limitations and biases of AI when using ‘messy’ electronic medical records (EMR) to predict future health outcomes are considerable...

How Cognitive Machines Can Augment Medical Imaging

The capacity of AI neural networks to find patterns in digital imaging datasets (CT, MR, ultrasound, etc.) leading to easier to read images and earlier diagnoses is great. Initial experiences with AI natural language processing of EMRs...

What Physicians Must Know About Data to Practice With Intelligent Machines

The prior role of physicians as patient data stewards has evolved into the need to be AI “black box” model explainers. For the ethical use of AI in clinical care setting, physicians must have a clear understanding of quality and provenance...

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